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Guide of Prague, Czech Republic

Author: fabio_fm

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Prague, Czech Republic

Fascinating and mysterious old European Capital

Prague is the heart of Europe, the capital of the Czech Republic and one of the most extraordinary cities in the world. With population over one million, a long history of outstanding economic and cultural vitality dating back to when it was a major city in the Kingdom of Bohemia and later in the Holy Roman Empire, it has always been a trade and cultural crossroads.

Today Prague continues to be a fascinating and seductive city of art. Situated on the Vltava, the river that contributed to the flourishing economy of the city’s districts, it is the most popular destination for millions of tourists, enchanted by its Baroque architecture, exciting nightlife and abundant entrancing sceneries.

Our tour guide to Prague will show you the ins and outs of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, a place that will forever remain engraved in your mind and, especially, your heart.


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Download Guide Prague:
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