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Rome La Dolce Vita, Italy

If you walk along Via Veneto you realize immediately that today’s reality is far removed from the image the Fellini engraved in everyone’s memory with his famous film "La Dolce Vita". Via Veneto is completely different to the glorious years of the 50s and 60s. There are no longer actors or exiled monarchs sitting at the coffee shop tables, besieged by paparazzi. You may perhaps still find a few out-of-date tourists.

The spirit of La Dolce Vita has moved with the times, no longer aimed at the bored, decadent aristocracy but to a large group of mildly unconventional night people that want to have a good time, communicate and relax.

Trastevere is an extremely lively area of town: walking along the labyrinth of alleys and lanes, among coffee shops, restaurants, pubs and clubs with live music, all brimming over with life is a unique and exciting experience.

The areas around Via della Pace and Campo de' Fiori are also interesting for night life lovers. In Via della Pace, near to Piazza Navona, there is the famous Antico Caffè della Pace, which has been a daytime and night-time meeting place for intellectuals, artists and famous names for many years. Campo de' Fiori is one of the busiest places in Rome: in the morning it is full of the market stalls and in the evening it is invaded by hundreds of young people who meet up in the numerous wine bars and bars around the square.

If instead you are looking for real night clubs in Rome there is no end of choice. Here are few of the most popular: Gilda, loved by politicians and showbiz stars; Goa, electronic music and art exhibitions, Ex magazzini and Black out rock club for live music. One of the best spots in Rome's nightlife is Testaccio area, especially at the Mattatoio and around.


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Download Guide Rome:
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