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Nozio gathers feedback from travelers by welcoming their opinion about their quality of their stay at the properties included in our portal. We are currently featuring two types of reviews. Those labeled "Official Review" and those with no such label.
The Official Reviews originate from travelers' feedback on a stay they booked directly from the property's official website and for which Nozio can confirm their stay. Therefore, these are reviews that may be considered "official" and "certified" by Nozio, as they relate to a confirmed stay.
non-official reviews originate from travelers who freely give us feedback on the property of their stay without having received a request to do so after booking their stay through the facility's online booking system. For this type of review, Nozio cannot guarantee that the stay actually took place and that the feedback is genuine.
In either case, Nozio declines any responsibility for inaccurate, untruthful, bad, low-quality, incorrect, incomplete, unreliable, and non-credible information provided by our users, who are ultimately responsible for the content of their statements [D.L.VO 70/2003, art.8, comma 4].
For additional information, please refer to the Guidelines for Posting Content and Conditions of Use.


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