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A Casa di Iginia e Paolo

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Young couple, 7/2010

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We had booked a room with a private bathroom inside the room. At our arrival, the young man told us that there was a problem with that bathroom, so we would have to accept a room with a private bathroom outside the room. We weren't satisfied with this option, so the young man first told us to call his boss ourselves - we didn't want to do so. So he finally called his boss and switched room... with a private bathroom inside. The young man wasn't able to tell us what exactly was the problem: "Maybe there's no hot water... Maybe hot water is long to come... Maybe bla bla bla". When you work in a B&B you're supposed to know what's wrong with your room... The funny thing about that part of our stay is that the next morning, I heard the other employee tell the exact same thing to a French family... And I hear that another time after! In fact, all the times I heard a client being greeted, it was the same story... Second, on my reservation, it was written that we had a Wi-fi access to internet in ALL the rooms. They forgot to tell us that it worked only on the first floor. When I told the employee that it didn't work, he told me " Yesterday it was working. If you want, you can call my boss." On the monday, we decided to ask for a discount, specially for internet. We got to speak to "the boss", Paolo, and he didn't even listen to us. He hung up after telling his employe to change our room. The room she showed me wasn't ready, first of all, and it was a room for smokers. When I told her that the smell was very strong, she told me that she could spray perfume all over, and that it would be alright. Yeah right. We didn't change room. And last, but not least, we didn't think that it was possible, in Italy, to drink bad coffee. Yes it is. The breakfasts are simply disgusting. I know B&B are not supposed to serve anything fresh, like fruit, but this was over the top. We had breakfast once and that was it. My sister had reserved at la Casa di Iginia e Paolo and I told her to cancel, what she did right away. For next time, we found a hotel close to the train station (I mean really close, not a 15 minutes walk, like this B&B) that is 5 euros more, but has all the services, and good employees.

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