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Author: AAPIT Agrigento e APT Trapani

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Agrigento Shopping, Italy

Via Atenea is the main commercial street in Agrigento and the "living room" of the city. The street is extensive, winding between ancient buildings and churches of varying styles. Do as the Agrigenti do, and take the traditional "passeggiata" (walk) to do some shopping.

The artisans of Agrigento sell their original creations, such as their ancient tradition of objects and sculptures made out of cork, or terracotta, carpets, wrought iron, wicker and traditional musical instruments. Real connoisseurs can observe the construction of the ciaramedde, unique Sicilian bagpipes requiring a complex manufacturing process, which is remembered and practiced by only a few remaining artisans in the area.
In Casteltermini, a city north of Agrigento, saddles and accessories for horseback riding are produced.


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Download Guide Agrigento:
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