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Author: tore urnes

Filicudi, Italy

Filicudi, the former Phoenicusa, is an island adapted to tourists who like to stay far from crowds, but do not object to moving around by car or boat. The island has a tight network of mule trails - in beaten earth or paved in stone - made over the course of the centuries to allow the cultivation of land. Follow these paths to explore the island, with the slow rhythms that are found in few places, immersed in the strong Mediterranean landscape made up of caper groves and vineyards, olives and carob.

The island is dominated by the shape of Monte Fossa dei Felci, a now extinct ancient volcano, and has an appendix to the southeast formed by the peninsula of Capo Graziano, where the remains of a prehistoric village of the 16th century B.C. were found.

The main inhabited areas are Filicudi Porto, Pecorini a Mare and, up on the hill, Valdichiesa. In these villages in the evening, it is lovely to meet with friends to chat, slowly sipping a good Malvasia.


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