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Salina, Italy

Salina is the garden of the Eolian Islands, dominated by two now-extinguished volcanoes (the Monte Fossa dei Felci and the Monte dei Porri) that, with their 900 meters of height capture humidity and help nature and crops to prosper. Here the land no longer smells of sulfur, but of the scents of the country-side, Indian figs, crops and vineyards, giving the world the most famous product of the Eolian Islands: the Malvasia wine.

Salina is certainly not the ideal island if you are seeking sophistication and sandy beaches. The island does not have much space along the sea, just some black rocky beaches. However, Salina inspires a great sense of serenity and beauty, which even fascinated Massimo Troisi so much that he acted the Il Postino (The Postman) here.


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