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Salina Salina Excursions, Italy

The Nature Preserve of Salina

The nature preserve occupies more than half of the island, including the two volcanoes, Monte dei Porri and Fossa dei Felci. We strongly recommend the excursion to the peak of the Fossa dei Felci. The Mediterranean landscape here presents its most typical species. With the altitude, the vegetation changes progressively. Inside the crater of Monte Fossa there is a colony of century-old chestnut trees, which were apparently introduced by the Romans. The view is superb from the mountain peak over the entire island and on the nearby Stromboli and Panarea.

Itineraries: for the most experienced travelers, the visit to the Preserve may begin in Lingua to reach the peak of Mount Fossa dei Felci through its southeast side. As an alternative, the easiest and briefest route from the municipality of Valdichiesa, on the saddle that divides the Monte dei Porri from Monte Fossa dei Felci.

The Saracen caves

The caves were excavated by the inhabitants of Santa Marina Salina on the peaks of the mountain, in places that were hidden and difficult to reach. They once had a defensive function, to escape the fierce incursions of the Saracens. Many caves are connected by internal passages; some of these can still be visited.


on the east coast, this village is one of the most fascinating places of the Eolian Islands. The tiny town is set in a splendid bay, an amphitheatre of black tuff. This is what remains of an immense crater sunken in the sea at least 13 thousand years ago. Pollara is also famous for being the set of a beloved film: Il Postino (The Postman) with Massimo Troisi and Philippe Noiret. The home of Pablo Neruda was here. The most beautiful beach of Salina is also in Pollara.


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