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Taormina, Italy

Taormina is located at 200 meters above sea level and looks down onto the Ionian Sea like a terrace, the prettiest you have ever seen. Over the centuries, this place of Taormina has fascinated wretched poets and writers and restless painters who decided to put down roots here, maybe so they could purify themselves by being in contact with such beauty and Nature or attracted by the unique, refreshing climate that makes it seem like it is always springtime.

An emotion that takes your breath away is what comes to everyone when they see the Greek-Roman Theater, this unbelievable work by mankind that stands on the mountain and from where one’s gaze drops down to the deep blue sea and to Etna, an unsettling presence that manages to stay in harmony with the landscape.

Taormina, city of art and a seaside resort, a place that fascinates and enraptures you, that seduces you and ties you to it, is still an elitist tourist resort today, for those people who love to sit at the tables of some elegant open-air coffee shop or on the terrace of some local restaurant every summer.

Going for a meal in one of the restaurants in Taormina is a real pleasure, due to the taste of the Sicilian food and the surroundings you will find yourself in. Many restaurants in fact have a garden with citrus fruit trees, and the perfume blends perfectly with the aroma of the food you are eating.

Fish is the true protagonist at the dinner table, however, especially swordfish and smaller fish like tuna, mackerel, sardines and anchovies that are always extra fresh, and that are prepared in various ways, according to the traditional Sicilian cooking recipes and served in all the restaurants in Taormina.


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Download Guide Taormina:
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