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Nozio Traveller

The independent, conscious and pampered traveler.

Anyone can become a Nozio Traveller: Simply register with a few easy steps and, in an automatically and completely free way, in order to enjoy all the benefits reserved for registered travelers.

By becoming a Nozio Traveller, you can:

  • Enjoy the discounts that Affiliated Hotels, those indicated with the Nozio brand, reserve for registered travelers. You can then book on the Official Website of the hotel that you have chosen with the most advantageous prices.
  • Rely on a partner that selects the best hotels, chosen in compliance with strict qualitative standards, defined thanks also to the reviews of guests who have actually stayed in the hotels.
  • Download and consult our guide for free: this is an instrument that we edit with all of our passion to offer travellers the help they need when discovering their favorite destinations.
  • You will receive the newsletter with offers reserved for registered travelers, and reporting of the events of the month.

Register to become a Nozio Traveller so that you can live an invaluable experience at the right price. If you are already registered, access your MyNozio account.

Book by taking advantage of the rate reserved for Nozio Traveller is very easy! Here's what to do after signing up:

  1. Access the Nozio homepage or in the MyHotels section of your My Nozio Account.
  2. Find the destination you are interested in, choose the date, check the price and availability and choose the Affiliated Hotel where you would like to stay. The Affiliated Hotels are identified by the Nozio trademark.
  3. Follow the link to visit the hotel's Official Website and insert the same username e password as your My Nozio Account in the section reserved for the Nozio Traveller. Discover the price reserved for you* and book at the most advantageous conditions on the web!!!

You can enjoy the same conditions even if you directly visit the Affiliated Hotel's Official Website (identified by the 0% trade mark). Just insert your MyNozio Account username and password in the section reserved to Nozio Travellers to book at the best rates!*

*The discount goes from a minimum of 2 euro to a maximum of 10% of the rate, per room per night. There are no time limits or time restrictions for using these rates.

Are you ready to start off on the right foot? Register and take advantage of the benefits offered to Nozio Travellers. If you are already registered, access your MyNozio account.